Whether you are looking to achieve a softened, filtered lighting effect, a higher degree of privacy or complete blockout, Roller Blinds (sometimes referred to as ‘Holland blinds’) will help you to transform your environment with elegant simplicity while giving you the ultimate in flexibility and control.

Choose from three main groups of materials:

  • ‘Sheers’ allow a degree of privacy with ‘vision through’ to the brightest side and with careful colour selection can reduce or eliminate glare and heat.
  • Translucent options provide excellent privacy but still allow sunlight to enter
  • Block-out blinds will maintain a darkened room

Dual Rollers combine different fabric densities in the same windows (e.g. a sheer fabric for daytime use and a secondary blind for evening privacy).

Roller blinds are eminently suited to automated operation and linking a series of blinds together in the same window makes for a very neat and trendy installation.

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