After having heard Steve present at BNI I was very impressed with his level of knowledge and expertise when it comes to blinds, shutters and awnings. He has shared a number of case studies including one where he was called in to fix a situation where the wrong type of blinds were installed in an upmarket, coastal property due to the previous supplier’s lack of industry knowledge and experience. A costly mistake.

Not long afterwards, a family member of mine bought some blinds for a bedroom in their home. I didn’t realise they were in the market for blinds or I would have recommended Steve earlier! Turns out the “off the shelf” purchased blinds for their bedroom weren’t appropriate for the situation. From what I had learned from Steve I was able to suggest that there was a product available that might do the job properly and introduced her to Cedar Blind.

Steve was invited to do an on site consultation for blinds for another part of the home – the lounge and dining area windows. His service and advice was excellent. I was surprised he didn’t push to up-sell and replace the bedroom blinds but he just quietly suggested they see how the lounge/dining blinds go and if they wanted to sort out the bedroom ones he could help. Just three days after the lounge/dining blinds were installed Steve received a phone call and an order to replace the bedroom blinds as they were so happy with the quality, style and material of the others!

I have since had Steve come and instal beautiful blinds in my home too. We have a west facing window with nice views but problems with glare. The blinds Steve recommended are amazing – they cut the glare and heat but we can still see out. The material they are made from is exceptional in its quality, the mechanisms smooth and easy to operate, and they look fantastic! So happy and looking forward to getting Steve back when we redecorate the main living area in the near future. I would confidently refer Steve Ward from Cedar Blind again.